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Median Calculator is a free online utility tool where you can find the median value from the even or odd data sets. In addition, it gives the mean, mode, range, sum, and count as a result. Therefore, it's one of the best tools for statistical analysis.

Median Calculator | Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Calculator

Now no need to remember the formula. Just input the values of the set and tap the "Calculate" button. That's it! Get correct and fast median results with minimal effort.

Also, it can accept any size of number set and that is best for statistical calculations. Moreover, it is programmed with the fastest algorithm to compute the median.

The outstanding feature about the median calculator is, you don't have to pre-specify any additional information. You just need to input the data set in the correct format. That's all. Also, no need to write your data set in ascending or descending order. Our calculator automatically sorts the values and gives you the proper results in less than a second.

It is useful for everyone whether you are a teacher, student, accountant, businessman, investor, or researcher. Even more, this article will give you the complete overview of our tool including the mathematics involved along with it. So, stay tuned till the end.

If you have query or suggestions regarding our calculator then feel free to contact us at pansuriyajainisha (at) gmail (dot) com.